‚I’ve been trying to distract myself from negative thoughts so I don’t attract negative situations… but when I lie in bed at night, I lose control…‘

Does this sound familiar?

You heard of the Law of Attraction and teachers like Abraham Hicks.  You know what you should be doing to manifest your ex back… or to finally attract an amazing relationship with your soulmate. It is simple…

1. Stop thinking negative thoughts

2. Start thinking positive thoughts.

So whenever a negative thought comes to mind… you try to think of something else. Yet, IT ISN’T WORKING.

You remember a painful break-up situation. And you try to ignore it. And you try to think of something more positive. 

A few minutes later, you remember how bad one of your exes  treated you in the past. And you try to think of something else again. 

A few hours later, you remember an embarrassing situation you had on a date before. Again, you immediately try to think of something else. But the truth is…


Your negative thoughts keep haunting you…

Once in a while you manage to feel good and not think about negative past events for a few days in a row…

… but then all those negative thoughts creep back in even harder than before. And they know when you are your weakest and can’t disctract yourself.

You lie in bed at night, and a horrible thought pops into your mind out of nowhere!  And the so called „dark night of the soul“ begins.

The next day, the same cycle starts again.

Try to ignore negative thoughts –> Be successful for a little while –> Fail to ignore them –> Keep failing at manifesting what you want

If you finally want to end this nightmare, then it’s time to try something that is reliable and really works…

Let’s talk.

Now is the time. Take action and make the Law of Attraction work for you.